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Warriors know.

Truly Great Coffee

Who are we?

 We started Peacemaker Coffee Company in March 2019. Starting as a hobby and then becoming an addiction to roast awesome coffee. I serve as a full-time Police Officer for the past 14 years and have always loved great coffee.  Peacemaker Coffee Company - Is Owned & Operated By A Police Officer & family. 


We are men and women just like you; however, we have answered a call to serve our fellow man as PEACEMAKERS.

  We leave our homes knowing that in the performance of our duties we may be called upon to make the ultimate sacrifice. We are cursed, we are spat upon, and yet we keep coming back because we have sworn an oath to do so.

  In recent years it has become fashionable to hate the PEACEMAKER. The sheepdog is only truly appreciated when the wolf is at the door.

  Peacemaker Coffee Company is dedicated to the men and women serving in this great country of ours and to the men and women who support them.

                                                                Psalm 144:1

​We give a portion of proceeds of every bag of our awesome coffee sold to a first responder charity!!

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Pour-over Coffee 

The taste we LOVE.

The ritual of the pour over is like a meditation: There’s no machine in your way, no flashing green lights, no electric power cords. Just you and a few simple tools. The final cup is reminiscent of one from a drip coffeemaker, but noticeably more delicate and complex. Observe the bloom, experience the first trace of coffee-drunk steam, notice how the spiral of the pour alters the final cup. This simple experience gets you in tune with your coffee.

Pourover coffee starts with (freshly) ground coffee, a filter, and a filter holder, often called a 'pourover dripper.' At the most basic level, pourover brewing involves pouring water over and through the grounds to extract the coffee flavors into your cup or serving vessel. Seems simple, right?

All coffee brewing methods involve the same three general phases: wetting, dissolution, and diffusion.

Ethical Coffee Matters!! 

We are a small coffee company for your First Responder, Warrior & Supporters.  We LOVE our awesome coffee.

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