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One (1) - 12 oz Bag or 12 Count Pods Espresso Darker Roast.

  • 100% Coffee


In this idyllic setting, passionate coffee growers hand-select only the finest beans to create our signature Espresso Darker Roast.


Espresso Darker Roast exudes a bold and intense flavor that will awaken your senses with every sip. The beans are carefully roasted to perfection, producing a full-bodied cup of coffee, NOT Bitter, that will please even the most discerning espresso connoisseur.


But it's not just the taste that sets Peacemaker Coffee apart – the commitment to quality and sustainability goes into every bag. From the direct, fair, and friendly farming practices to the fair wages paid to our farmers, we take pride in every step of the process, ensuring that you can enjoy your coffee guilt-free.


Peacemaker Coffee's Espresso Darker Roast is the perfect choice. Experience flavors and ethical sourcing that make Peacemaker Coffee a true standout in the world of specialty coffee.


Order your bag or pods today and taste the difference for yourself.


 The coffee is roasted and packed in Toledo, Ohio.

12 oz Bag - Espresso Darker Roast- Wholesale

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