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Peacemaker Coffee Fresh Roasted Coffee Beans


Peacemaker Coffee is a retired police officer and family-operated Company 
Helps Support Veterans and First Responders 
Roasted & Packed in Toledo, Ohio



At Peacemaker Coffee Company, we offer small, private-label, diversified co-packaging services in the United States.


  • We utilize the latest technology features high oxygen barrier processes to protect your fresh roasted coffee.

  • Products are nitrogen-flushed to ensure long-lasting freshness, flavor, and shelf-life.


With our co-packaging services, we deliver a high-quality product that will impress your customers and provide you with packaging options to help your brand stand out.

Let us know if you have any questions by submitting the form below the Q & A section.


ROASTER / SHOP SUPPLIES HERE - If you need K-Cups, Lids,  Bags and Boxes.  We have them!

Questions & Answers

Send Your Questions

Q: - Do you offer recycled pods or eco-friendly ones?

A: - Our recyclable single-serve kups are made from environmentally friendly polypropylene material with a compostable solid welded filter, allowing your customers to dispose of them responsibly and environmentally.​

Q: - How do you keep your coffee pods fresh from not going stale?​

A: - We utilize the latest technology. Our pods and packages feature a high oxygen barrier/ nitrogen flush process to protect the coffee when packaged.​

Q: - What's the minimum order quantity per coffee roast to make K-cups?

A: The minimum order per single roasted coffee using your beans is 250 kups.  This will provide approximately 20 (12-count) boxes of your AWESOME roasted coffee.

Q: - We want K-cups using our coffee beans.  1. Do we send you ground or whole beans?

2. How much coffee do we send you for 250 K cups?

A: - 1. Whole beans are needed, and we will grind them for the perfect cup.

2. We will need approximately 8 lbs per 250 K-cup order.

Q: - How many grams of coffee do you place in each K-cup?

A: - We place approximately  10 to 12 grams of coffee into each kup for the perfect kup every time at an 8 to 10 oz brewing setting.

Q: - How many K-cups does 1 lb of coffee produce?

A:  Approximately 35 kups.

Q: - Do you have different color K-cups to pick from?

A: - Yes, black or white kups with filter.

Q: - How long will my coffee stay fresh in your K-cups or coffee bags?

A: - Use-by dates (roast date) are approximately  12 months for ground, whole beans and coffee pods after roasting for maximum freshness. The coffee will last 12 months as they are nitrogen flush in the production.

Q: - Do you have pre-printed K-cup foil lids we can use, or can you print our lids for us?

A: - We have 3 pre-printed lids - Medium Roast, Dark Roast and Flavored Roast. 


We can print your custom lid.  The minimum order is 5,000 lids per design, which costs approximately $300.00 Plus Shipping. Turnaround is about 4 to 8 weeks. 

Q: - How much does your minimum K-cup order of 250 pods cost using our coffee beans?

A: - $62.50 (.25 each) for every 250 kups plus shipping to be returned to you.

Q: - Can we use Peacemaker Coffee Company beans for our private-label coffee and K-cups?

A: Yes, of course.

Q: - How much do you charge for private label K-cups using Peacemaker's Coffee?

A: - There is no minimum order quantity when using our beans for your K-cups.

You select roast: 

1.  Medium, dark, or a flavored coffee.

2.  Lid choice - Light, medium, decaf, dark, or flavored coffee.

3.  Cups are black with a compostable filter, compatible with most coffee 1.0 and 2.0 devices.

IT'S THAT Easy - The cost is .50 each per kup and FREE Shipping over $50.

Q: - Do you sell 12-count K-cup boxes, and/or can you print our custom K-cup box? 

A: - This is a 2-part question.

Part 1:  We sell plain black (matte) 12-count K-cup boxes on our website here. 


Part 2:  We can have your 12-count box custom-printed.  We provide the box template; you design it in Adobe Illustrator and return the AI file to us.  The process takes about 2 months and costs approximately $800 for 1,000 custom boxes.



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