How did Peacemaker Coffee Company start?

We started in March 2019. Starting as a hobby and then becoming an addiction to roast awesome coffee. Established by a full-time Police Officer who has served the community for the past 15 years and has always loved great coffee. 


What is Peacemaker Coffee Company (PCC)?

Peacemaker Coffee Company (PCC) is a company in the, USA. We are a small batch roast company. Our highly skilled roster has been roasting and sourcing coffee beans for 5 years. Coffee beans are sourced from countries around the world (direct trade & fair trade) and brought to our roasting facility. When you order our coffee, its roasted within 48 hours and shipped to you in a valved and sealed bag. This is the freshest coffee available and shipped directly to you.



We use the United States Postal Service and will ship international pricing at checkout. Shipping is FREE within the United States!!


Returns and refunds?

Coffee CAN NOT be returned for a refund or credit. If you are unsatisfied with any of our coffees we can exchange your coffee purchase with another coffee of equal or lesser value. Our goal is to make our customers satisfied. If you have any questions please email me directly at info@peacemakercoffeecompany.com


Storing coffee?

Coffee is best stored in a whole bean state. Do not store coffee in a cold environment (Freezer or Refrigerator) but in a cool and humid free location, preferably in a sealed container or in our already prepared sealed coffee bag that your purchase came in.



When you order our coffee as ground, it will be a medium to fine grind to support auto-matic drip coffee makers, pour overs, reusable K-Cups, and  french presses.

Coffee Roast Misconceptions.

There are a lot of misconceptions about coffee roasting, mostly as a result of large coffee shop chains' advertising campaigns trying to convince the public that black is black and white is white and there's no such thing as a shade of gray - not to mention all the other colors. To help clear some of the confusion, Peacemaker Coffee Company would like to addressed some of the most common ones here.


Myth: All the best coffees are dark roasts.
This is a lot like the commonly stated "All the best chefs cook over high heat." You can't cook ice cream over high heat, and not every bean benefits from a dark roast. The most delicate beans, should not be roasted darker than City, or subtle flavor elements and aromas may be lost, burned away in the high heat.

Common Misunderstanding: If you like French Roast coffees, then French Roast is what you like.

An amazingly high percentage of people Peacemaker Coffee Company meets and coffee tastings who tell us that they like French Roast were actually looking for the strongest or most intensely flavorful coffee. After years of exposure to mass market American coffee, they learned that the most reliable way to get the intense experience they desired was to go straight for the darkest roast. French roast is often used as a way to "punch up" lackluster coffee beans, which is why many coffee chains' darkest roast is their strongest-tasting coffee.

However, when roasting beans that are already inherently flavorful, the "strength" (by which we mean flavor, NOT caffeine content) is not improved by roasting it past Medium roast. In fact, as mentioned above, in some coffees the subtlety can be lost, reducing the overall mouth-filling intensity of the flavor.

This is not to say that French Roast is bad. French Roast adds an element of smokey, slightly bitter caramel, which is the natural coffee sugars being caramelized in the high heat. Some people really respond to this and crave it in their coffees, and that's great! We love to make people happy. French Roast is an excellent choice for these individuals.

But many of Peacemaker Coffee Company's customers find out after some experimentation that French Roast was just a means to an end, a way of seeking the strongest-tasting coffee. If this sounds right to you, then we suggest trying a multi-bean blend in a medium roast, ideally with Robusta bean in it.

Myth: Dark roast is lower in acid.
As with many myths, this one has a basis in fact. Light roast coffees are often quite acidic. Roasting the beans a little darker, to Medium or City roast, can temper that acidity. But once you go past Full City, the acid starts to rise again, because the sugars are being scorched. The darker you go, the more of the natural sugars are blackened. The result can be extremely hard on a person's stomach, and many individuals have an allergy-like reaction, experiencing headaches, stomachaches, and generally not feeling good.


For this reason, we recommend Medium roast coffees to any person who has a sensitive stomach, wants to protect their teeth, or simply prefers the taste of a lower-acid coffee.

But even more important than that is to seek out a naturally lower-acid bean. Arabica tends to be the highest in acid, then Robusta, Excelsa, and finally Liberica. This is itself an oversimplification, Peacemaker Coffee Company suggests seekers of low-acid coffees look for the words "Low in acid" in a coffee's description. 

Myth: Dark/Light roast is higher/lower in caffeine.
We've heard this myth both ways! The truth is that roast level has some... but minimal effect on caffeine content in comparison to other factors. What determines caffeine content is the species or altitude of the bean itself. Arabica, which is generally considered the "baseline" or average, contains ~90 mg of caffeine per 6oz serving of brewed coffee. Robusta is higher, averaging ~150 mg, and Liberica and Excelsa are both lower. 

We hope this helps you pick out the best coffee for your taste. It's our firm belief that every individual's palate is unique, and that's why we strive to offer a top-quality coffee that suit an equally wide variety of people. Diversity is a beautiful thing!