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One (1) - 12 oz. Bag or Pods - BlueBerry - Medium Roasted Flavored Coffee.

  • Ingredients:
  • 100% Coffee
  • Ripe Blueberries
  • Natural And Artificial Flavor


This is one of our NEWEST!

Our signature coffee is infused with a juicy berry flavor.


The distinctive yet not overpowering flavor makes it an ideal choice for those seeking something new. 


The essence of blueberries makes this coffee ideal for morning or middle-of-the-day refreshments.


Our gourmet coffee is Sugar-free, Lactose-Free, Nut-Free, and Kosher & flavoring adds 0 calories!


Tasting notes:

Ripe BlueBerrry


We will ship within 72 hours for Guaranteed Freshness.


FREE SHIPPING - On Orders Over $50


This is the freshest coffee available and will be shipped directly to you. Coffee is roasted and packed in Toledo, Ohio.

12 oz Bag - BlueBerry - Delicious, Flavor - Retail

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