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Peacemaker Coffee is a Veteran Owned & Family Operated Company 
Helps Support Veterans and First Responders 
Roasted and Packed in Toledo, Ohio

We can customize your order.

Welcome, Shop Owner and/ or Manager,


We would love the opportunity to add to your online/in-store presence.

My Name is Chris Morris. I started Peacemaker Coffee Company in March 2019 as a full-time (Now Retired) Police Officer who has served the community for 20 years. We roast, pack and ship in Toledo, Ohio - Mathew 5:9


Our Coffee vs. Our Competitors:

  • Coffee is 1 lb./ (16 oz) bag (better value to the customer) vs. Our competitors sell 10 or 12-oz bags.

  • High-quality AWESOME - LOW ACIDIC coffee at lower prices

  • Whole Bean, Ground, and Pods

  •  Light, Medium, and Dark roasts

  • We also offer Private Label - Our coffee your brand label in 2.5 oz, 12 oz, and pods.

  • Wholesale pricing, resale at your price point, you know your customer

  • Min. wholesale order is $50 with FREE Shipping

  • We are currently in about 150 retail stores and love the opportunity in your store.

Terms Options:

  1. If you order from the wholesale website and pay at the time of order, for any order over $50, Shipping is FREE.

  2.  Thirty days (30) net terms are offered, email us your order, and shipping is added and NOT Free.

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